Apron Choices

Full Apron


28 inch length
28 inch waist
27 inch waist tie, each
15 inch neck tie, each

All full aprons are fully lined with a complimentary color.


Half Apron


20 inch length
17 inch waist
27 inch waist tie, each


Hip Length Apron


13 1/2 inch length
28 inch waist
25 inch waist ties, each

Front pocket is seperated into four 5 1/2 inch pockets.

All hip length aprons are fully lined.


Girl's Half Apron


inch length
inch waist
inch waist tie


Mother / Daughter Set

Mother / Daughter sets are available in both full and half apron styles.

$35 half aprons
$50 full aprons

Other Apron Options

Wraparound Waist Ties

Waist ties will be inches long.

add $5

Reversable Apron

Apron skirt and ties will be fully reversable with coordinating fabric.

add $10

All aprons are made with 100% cotton and are machine washable.
Since all aprons are custom made,  additional changes such as measurements, number of pockets, etc. are possible.